Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Wheel T9: Glitters from SinfulColors

(all two coats plus topcoat)

1. SinfulColors Digital Dreams [over black base]
2. SinfulColors Flame Game [over black base]
3. SinfulColors Rocket Out [over black base; the red glitter in this has faded/bled terribly in the year or so I've owned it]
4. SinfulColors Starry Eyed [over black base]
5. SinfulColors I'm All In
6. SinfulColors Kissful Thinking
7. SinfulColors Flower Power
8. SinfulColors Fierce Fiesta [another instance of red glitter losing color; it's all orange now]
9. SinfulColors Mamasita [the orange in this started out orange, so that's good]
10. SinfulColors Baila Baila
11. SinfulColors Tinsel & Shine
12. SinfulColors Pink Icicles
13. SinfulColors Holiday Rebel
14. SinfulColors Writing on the Wall [some fading of glitter in this one; it was red and black when it was new]
15. SinfulColors Color Tag [red glitter in this one has also bled]
16. SinfulColors Paste-erd
17. SinfulColors Kanfetti
18. SinfulColors Snow and Teal
19. SinfulColors Teal Midnight
20. SinfulColors Interstellar

Bottles 1 through 4:

5 through 8:

9 through 12:

13 through 16:

17 through 20:

Friday, August 4, 2017

Funky Fingers Spring Trio

When I shared the Five Below novelty glitters, you saw a couple Funky Fingers shades used as base colors. Today I've got those two swatched on their own, along with their glittery sibling that I bought on the same trip this past May/June. Left to right: Moonstone, Mermazing, Pink Quartz.

Moonstone is a light blue shimmer. I thought I saw some shifty-ness in the bottle, so put a black creme base on my index finger for swatching purposes. One coat of Moonstone over the black led to quite noticeable green/pink shifting, which was sort of a surprise; I expected the pink but not the green, especially that strong. My other fingers have three coats of Moonstone alone. There are some brushstrokes showing, and a hint of visible nail line, giving this a 70s frost retro vibe. The brushstrokes were a lot less of an issue over the black base, so when I try this one again, I think I'll put a creme underneath.

Some pink shift is visible even on the nails without the dark base, which makes this shimmer more interesting.

Mermazing is a topper with matte pastel blue and pink glitter along with silver holo glitter in various shapes (bar, hex, square) and sizes in a clear base.

I put one coat of Mermazing (some dabbing was needed, but no fishing) over my Moonstone look, then added clear topcoat for extra smoothing, though the glitter was not especially bumpy before the topcoat.

Pink Quartz is a pale pink shimmer; I gave it the same black base on the index finger treatment as Moonstone. It also has a pink/green shift, but the purplish pink is dominant rather than the green. Three coats of Pink Quartz on my non-index digits added up to a more sheer look than Moonstone, but I liked it, felt sort of like a subtle French mani without having to do the work of prepping my tips with a separate polish.

I then added a coat of Mermazing plus topcoat. I like that this topper works equally well with both of the other shades it was released with.

I'm still not crazy about the Funky Fingers bottle shape, but I like that they keep putting out new colors and wish I had Five Below stores out where I live now. Good thing I'm going to visit the land of Five Below again soon. Speaking of which, I will probably take next week off from blogging, as Mr. K and I are hosting family and then I will be on the road for a few days. Of course, there's a chance I may get some unexpected downtime and decide to pop in for Nail Wheel Wednesday or something (yes, I missed this week, again due to lack of wheels being ready. I have stockpiled a few now so that's set.)

Monday, July 31, 2017

Five Below Novelty Glitters

When I was back in Michigan earlier this summer, of course I bought the new polishes I saw at Five Below, including the two novelty glitters, Don't Worry Be Happy and Always Be a Unicorn. Back home, I finally made some time to swatch them.

Don't Worry Be Happy has light yellow smiley face glitter plus iridescent shifty translucent hex glitter plus matte light turquoise hex glitter in a clear base.

The better to show the glitter, I did a base of three fingers dark (black creme) and one finger light (Funky Fingers Moonstone, a pale sky blue shimmer), then added a coat of Don't Worry Be Happy. I did have to fish for the faces, but it wasn't too hard to get them up on the brush and onto my nails. I did add clear topcoat to smooth things out.

Always Be a Unicorn has white unicorn head glitter plus dusty rose metallic hex glitter and also a scattering of larger iridescent translucent hex glitter that looks gold at a lot of angles, all in a clear base.

I did the same dark and light base approach for this one, using Funky Fingers Pink Quartz, a pale pink shimmer, for my light. I had to really fish for the unicorn heads; found it worked best to pour some polish out onto a plastic plate and dab it on my nails, using a dotting tool to put the unicorn heads where I wanted them. Clear topcoat completed the look. The dusty rose glitter might look like it's curling; it's not, that just how it reflects light.

Both of these glitter toppers are fun additions to my stash. I'm sure some would say I'm too old for such things; I choose to ignore those kinds of people.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Wheel S9: Silver Holos

It was sunny in my studio the last time I painted a nail wheel, so I went with holos, specifically silver ones. More photos this week because holos demand it. After I finished this, I realized it was missing one of my favorite silver holos, GOSH Holographic (which came before Holographic Hero); I'm guessing I put it in one of the "move with extra care" boxes, which aren't all unpacked yet. (Yes, it's been a very slow process getting my stash organized in its new home.)

This episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday is going up late because my awful internet at home has been more awful than usual. I love the scenery where I live but sure don't love the infrastructure.

Wheel in the lightbox:

In direct indoor light:

In sun coming through a window:

In sun coming through a window at a different angle:

1. Dance Legend T-1000 (2 coats)
2. Jessica Disco Diva (2)
3. Color Club Harp on It (2)
4. Nfu-Oh 661 (2)
5. Urban Outfitters Silver Holo (2)
6. FNUG Psychedelic (2)
7. Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Diamond (3)
8. Hits Hefesto (3)
9. Hits Artemis (3)
10. MI-NY Holographic Touch Silver (2)
11. Nabi Hologram Silver (2)
12. Nicole By OPI Imagine If (2) [this is really a holo microglitter, not a linear holo]
13. Golden Rose 107 (2)
14. Golden Rose 108 (2) [I guess either this one or #13 lost some color over the years?]
15. Nic's Sticks Silver-ella (2) [I was rather surprised this delivery system still worked]
16. Golden Rose Paris 102 (2)
17. Avon Cosmic Moonbeam (2)
18. Ellen Gold Holo Prata (2)
19. GOSH Holographic Hero (2)
20. Color Club Worth the Risque (2)

Bottles 1 through 5:

6 through 10:

11 through 15:

16 through 20:

Detail photos in the lightbox:

A few detail photos in sunlight: